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Screw others opinions

Place: bed

Poison: cordial

Favourite things: the weekend!

People will always have an opinion,

People will always have a say.

People will always judge.

People will always think differently than you.

People are people.

People are broken. People are trite, people are rough diamonds, people are short sighted, people are friends one minute then de-friend you the next. People are brief and people cling on.

People are just that, just human, just basic, just primal, just them.

People have the capacity to be kind and forgiving but often let us down. Often letting themselves down.

I do have low expectations of people, as much as I have great expectations of people. They are crazy beautiful. One minute predictable the next minute spontaneous and random.

Nothing is sure when it comes to people. Everything is sure when it comes to God. We are made in his image, but also fall terribly short of his diety. Sin ensnares us all.

Knowing and living all of this…then why do I care so much about what people think of me?

Why am I ensnared by self doubt that is founded in insecurity and worry about what people think?

Why do I care so much about people’s opinions?

Because I am human. So are you!

We can get past this incessant need to be liked however, without becoming a cold, withdrawn chambermaid making sure everyone of my plethora of masters is happy.

Watch the stance of people who are leaning in for more, yet not reliant upon the opinions of the crowd.

If Jesus allowed the opinions of the crowd get to him, he would have died a much younger man.

Listening to the crowd rather than focusing on your cheersquad who delights in all your faubles.

Falling asleep now
Must stop writing but also am quietly whispering. Screw other people’s opinions!


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