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Screw laziness

Place: bed

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: Saturday morning sleep ins

These days Saturday mornings are my favourite. They are like an old pair of track suit pants, that are so comfy and content.

Saturday mornings my man, looks after our little man and mum gets to lie in.

I lay here in bed listening to them play, I snooze, I drink coffee, I flit around Facebook, I relax.

The hardest transition on a Saturday is out of sleepy sleep in bliss to hit the gym get stuff done Saturday. You see the weekend is our time also to get jobs done together.

As the hours tick towards ten am, I know I am going to need to put my runners on and get going.

Having an extra set of hands means so much these days and as much as I adore the sleep in, I also need help to strike tasks off my list.

Oh the quandary!

What to do?

Lie in? or productive Saturdays?

Gym, shopping, housework, visits?

Or pajamas, movies, games, books and snoring?

Neither are wrong it’s just the transition between the two that becomes hazy.

You see; times of relaxation, sleepy walks, long coffees and nibbled brunches are important. Slowing down, letting life slide, engaging in the moment, loving life. Imperative.

It’s how we transition into task manager, job allocator, domestic goddess that’s the key.

I believe allocated times of rest and recovery are medicinal.

Yet transitioning into focused times of productivity is important too.

I think the hazy state between the two is called ‘laziness!’

Lazy keeps you on the couch when you know you should be walking the beach, lazy stops you from brushing your hair when you know the birds nest up back is not the fashion, lazy stops you from ironing that last crease because it’s hidden from general view.

Mr lazy.

Mr lazy is not a sneaky fellow, he actually doesn’t give a rip. He wants to keep you in a holding patten, one where your pjs have coffee stains and your socks are full of holes. He says don’t worry about taking the rubbish out, no worries about that stain on your jeans. No worries, she’ll be right mate, just one more doughnut will make the day sing!

Lazy feels fat and grimy. Lazy sumo sizes our weaknesses. Lazy needs it’s ass kicked to allow dreams and visions to be accomplished.

Lazy is not rest and recovery, he’s the transition between the two.

Say goodbye to laziness and hello to life lived in the moment, choosing exactly what that moment was created for.

I need to get up…or maybe this moment was created for one more hours sleep.

Lazy, no!



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