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screw diva

Place: My desk

Poison: water

Favourite Things: long sunday walks on the beach.

There is nothing worse than a friend who is stuck in the perpetual land of diva. A land of sequins, selfishness, sulking and swearing.

I find women sometimes intolerable. More than women, I find online rants even more despicable.

If you have an issue, if you need to vent, then phone a friend. Demanding people’s attention by crazy online stunts is no way to maintain and grow friendships.

You have a problem with your husband? Go and speak to him. You have an issue with a friend? Go and ring them. Diva is so 1980’s and if you hadn’t realised it was 30ish years ago.

Diva is so unbecoming and it seems our world loves to be a voyeur as people have huge melt downs.

Our current affair, reality show obsessed society is producing a whole generation that think expressing every little thought we have about anything and everything with no thought for others is okay.

Freedom of speech is not a right that we have purchased easily. Everytime twitter and facebook endorse someones despicable behaviour, we seem to find it hilarious and endearing.

How about kindness? How about grace? How about living for others? How about believing the best? How about purity, honesty and demure beauty?

I find diva incredibly immature. If our four and five year old children chuck tantrums, then we reprimand them.

Who is reprimanding our behaviour that is just simply immature and poor?

Speaking about others unkindly, rolling our eyes and bitching, all are very unbecoming.

In some ways I long for a little bit of Downtown Abbey respect for reputation. Even though Downtown Abbey has its fair share of drama, the inhabitants take the time to reflect upon their attitudes and reactions, considering the impact on others.

Are we too emancipated?

Is our world imploding in its immorality?

Is diva dead?

or do we all enjoy watching the drama unfold so much that holding others kindly accountable doesn’t cross our minds?

I think censorship of the diva is required?

For me and my household diva is being eradicated.



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