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Slippers on the beach

Place: the beach

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: sunsets in slippers

Watching the sunset with my slippers glittering, I realised just how beautiful our country truly is.

People would fly around the world to have a holiday at the beach, yet it’s literally on my doorstep and so often I take it for granted.

I take for granted being able to wear my slippers on the beach. I take for granted leaving the front door open as we run to catch the last glimpses of the pink erode the blue.

Holding our son tight, gripping each others hands, so aware of how fragile life truly is.

Where can you wear your slippers, that you take for granted?

A special backyard hideout, a friends house with comfort, a park, the beach…

We have so much beauty awaiting our discovery, the problem is we just miss it.

We forget it.

We overlook it.

We snicker at it.

We bemoan it.

We trivialize it.

I love wearing my slippers on the beach. Some might say its ridiculous, but I say it’s home.

Spring and Summer are at our doorstep, I can smell its potential in te air.



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