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Day trippin

Place: home

Poison: Pepsi max

Favourite things: my friends

Petrol tank full- check

Food for baby- check

Nappies- check

Thermos flask- check

Great friends- check

Conversations unleashed, cruisy tunes playlisted, eyes on the road…a day trip began.

As we drove out of the city, towards a historic town today I felt the grime of the city fade and the wildflowers of the country unveil.

We only drove an hour out of the city but we felt miles away.

Antique shops adorned, bakery’s tempted, history beckoned.

The sun awakened our senses, the coffee slowly sipped over counsel, the old church we went off track to purvey.

A day trip is not that hard to arrange, sometimes all it takes is a day set and friends gathered but how often do we escape them?

Take your family, friends, self on a road trip sometime soon.

It will unlock something you never even knew existed inside.

It gives you the sense of satisfaction of a holiday, without the pile of washing.

York you refreshed me today.

Can’t wait to meet again soon.



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