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Early to bed, early to rise

Place: home sweet home

Poison: small sip of champers

Favourite things: Mrs Corina Penny

Today a dream became a reality. A young teenage, troubled girl, became a wife, a mummy, a friend for life.

Our first encounter was a random one and I gave her my mobile number, this young, timid, artistic fifteen year old. Something in me said, she will need your help and protection.

Little did I know that brief little encounter would turn into year upon year of struggle, pain, tears and turmoil.

Hospital visit after hospital visit, long conversation after conversation, my gorgeous friend struggled from teenagehood to adulthood. Many years her mum and I did not know whether she would make it another year.

Today however, today was the last paragraph on the last page of the last chapter of that part of her life.

Today a new story awakened, a new story is being written, the new story of Mrs Corina Penny.

Oh my what a day. So many times I didn’t think this day would arrive. So many sad days sitting by her hospital bed. So many days of struggle and pain.

So tonight I am in bed early. My heart is so happy, I needed to lie down to stop it from overflowing. My gorgeous friend has married her true love, the dark days are behind her and a new day has begun.

Awaken dear daughter.

Awaken dear son.

Gods loyal love couldn’t have run out.

His mercies are new every morning.

God is merciful.

God is a delighter in detail.

God sung loudly over this union today.



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