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Manic Monday’s

Place: home

Poison: flat white

Favourite things: online grocery shopping

Monday’s don’t have to be manic.

Monday’s don’t have to be depressive.

Monday’s can signify a new start, a new day, a new morning, a new moment.

Monday’s have the capacity to be breathtaking.

Monday’s just another day.

Why do Monday’s seem to take us by surprise and create such bedlam in our hearts?

Saying goodbye to my husband on Monday morning is always bittersweet, driving into the city on Monday after a big Sunday was always difficult when I was working.

But Monday’s don’t have to be necessarily dark.

I find Monday’s a great day to start something new, a great day to set goals for the coming days, to strike off things on my to do…generally Monday’s can be boring but so satisfying.

Monday itis, is not a disease it’s a perspective.

Change your perspective this Monday and start something new.

Start a revolution, help someone out, pick up a job that you had been putting off. Smash it out at the gym.

Make Monday meaningful.

Make Monday a brilliant transition into the new.



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