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Place: home

Poison: home made yoghurt

Favourite things: renovating

I have been in a constant state of procrastination all day.

I am speaking this Sunday and I have needed too, wanted too study all day, yet have put it off, then thought a little and put it off some more.

What is it about procrastination that is so appealing?

Facebook, Instagram, pinterest, anything…anything…anything than the required task.


Husband; do you want a coffee?

Children; let’s walk to the park?

Friends; text, text, text, text…

I will do anything, clean, hang the washing out, potter, cook, knit, crochet to get out of locking my thoughts and heart in my study.

I want to study but I don’t want to lock it in.

Once I force myself to that place of focus I’m suddenly in love.

Music playing. Thoughts flying. Inspiration burgeoning.

So why does it take so long to get there?

I believe procrastination is part of the creative process.

As I run away from the starting gate, like a horse trying to buck its restraints, my mind is perusing it’s boundaries and setting its course towards inspiration.

The avoidance is a place of seeking.

As I run away from the idea, it seems to catch me.

A internal game of hide and seek.

Procrastinate towards your idea. Ruminate, think, allowing the brewing to create frustration which in turn I find often brings about the desired result.


A little


A lot.

Procrastinate with me.

(maybe you are already by reading my blog!)



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  1. Totally avoiding writing my essay 😉

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