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Last night we had a brilliant, spontaneous gathering it was sublime.

Today I woke to absolute chaos in my house.

I really struggle to renovate because the chaos really does my head in.

We have a small apartment, it was packed to the rafters when Charl my husband shifted in, then Max arrived and I just couldn’t believe how someone so small could need so much stuff.

Chaos is not always bad, it represents a well lived in house that is more than a house it’s a home.

There has to come a moment though when the chaos becomes organization.

Lucky for me, two big brave men cleaned our house this morning as this mummy went back to bed on near exhaustion.

The house became ordered quickly though because we have been
Savage in throwing things away.

Giving precious things to people and continually cutting back.

Spring is an amazing time to embrace the chaos and throw out clutter and bring about some change to your everyday.

Good luck.

Get a friend to help you be ruthless!

Chaos precedes great change.



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