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Bad habits


It’s amazing how bad habits can so easily creep into our daily lives.

One week we are eating really well and the next chocolate, icecream, chips, excess coffee, the list goes on.

I can go from dedicated, focused and determined one day to careless, nonchalant and rebellious the next.

I have such a deep disappointment with diet efforts that I am sure that I sabotage myself to prevent any more disappointment.

Then I start my non-diet, which then becomes a crazy, all out war on anything healthy and the whole problem begins again.

Who told us that everyone loses weight when you breast feed?

Not me.

Bad habits creep in.

Your bad habits can be easily outlined on your credit card statement. What is the reoccurring purchases that show poor decisions?

Ours is eating on the run, which ends up being take away food. My husband and I were talking today and this week I am going to go and buy up big, make meals for the freezer and get prepared.

For some people you naturally do this anyway, so it’s no big deal. Others this would be a major reality check. Yes I do need to prepare more. Yes I do need to make more of an effort.

You and me both.

What are you bad habits?

Name them?


Three-thirtyitis…I get toey at three thirty, hungry and it goes to five. If I haven’t given in by five then I am ready to eat the doors off the kitchen.

That time of day is your weakness?

We need to make good habits to counteract it. I find if I name them, and then replace them with better options I am more likely to succeed.

What about you?

Where are you health weaknesses?

Name them and find a way to make small changes permanent.



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