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I deserve it!


The word deserve has been one of my greatest goal killers.

The thought that I somehow have a right to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with no consequences.

I deserve that pair of shoes
I deserve that block of chocolate
I deserve that persons attention

I deserve…

Realistically we don’t deserve anything that we have and honestly most people who read this blog have so much that they don’t have a right to complain about anything they lack.

Now that’s maybe a little strong.

But sometimes I need to get stronger with myself and stick to the boundaries and the goals I have set myself to get the satisfaction of the results I desire.

What is it that you say to yourself to sabotage your goal setting efforts?

My deserve mentality is often seen in food, I have had a hard day…I deserve take always, I am stressed and tired I deserve a block of chocolate, I feel lonely I deserve a holiday. (full of yummy treats)

Even though this mentality is often out worked in my eating, it is most often a heart issue for me.

There is something within me that says I need comfort, I am missing out, I work hard so I can play hard. A victim heart attitude has gone so deep and affected my daily patterns with such intensity that bringing about change is a daily discipline.

How about you?

What heart attitudes continually stop you from achieving that which you set out to achieve?

Can you name them?

Are you ballsy enough to ask your nearest and dearest what they are?

Naming them is the first part of the journey and then facing those attitudes and replacing them with new routines is the only way true life change can occur.

Do you loose 10kgs to put back on 15kgs?

Do you stay silent to break out in an almighty scream?

Do you run the block only to hit the snooze button the next morning?

The problem is in the realm of our hearts, these places where we store up loyalty rewards programs and hope to cash in on the exact things we are trying to run from…

I deserve better!

Do you?



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