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Honestly I’m really uninspired today, sickness has buffeted our home and it’s amazing how something like a cold can create havoc.

From the moment we woke up, routines up ended, little niggly fights, fever, shivers, too much thinking and the day spiraled into a sad state.

Open air incidents on our bed, dropped salt and pepper, spiders making a web on my flower display.

Everything went to pot.

The thought of writing something inspired tonight is like pulling teeth. Painful.

The truth is there are many days that we are uninspired. Our house is uninspiring, our minds are far from inspirational, life gets us down.

It’s what we decide to do on those days of difficulty that define the mediocre and the successful.

The mediocre give up and pull others down with them, the successful soldier on and make light out of dark days.

The successful continue on with their goal endeavors even when everything goes crazy.

At the beginning of this year we were getting our bathroom renovated. A couple issues arose and everything looked pretty glum. Right up until the day I went into labour our shower wasn’t working properly and it was started two months prior.

7 months pregnant and no shower gave me every reason to give up on renovating, but in one day the problems were solved and now 6 months later we use the shower everyday and never think about the stress that went into its transformation.

In the realms of our and health goals there are always uninspiring days.

It’s what you do with those feelings of sadness, disappointment, discouragement that defines you, not the weak moments.



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