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Attitude versus behavior


Tonight I was talking to a great friend whose in London on Skype.

We talked through all sorts of things but one line she said struck me.

She said ‘so often we think that it’s an attitude change that will bring about what we desire, but it’s actually behavior change’

Let me break that down.

We are excited about our goal, we want change and our attitude towards it changes, we’re inspired, motivated, we want to change the world.

Then Monday morning hits.

Behavior change is when we go to do what we have always done, check ourselves and make the change.

A habit reformed, a life altered.

Many say a leopard can’t change their spots, many say once a drug addict always one, many say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

These are cliche sayings, that have the capacity to hold us captive if we live our lives bound by them.

Yet I believe that we can do all things through one who strengthens us.

I believe that mountains can be moved by faith.

I believe that the drug addict can be healed because I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

Changing your attitude towards something is an easy ask. It’s changing your behavior when the times get tough that’s the difficult part.

That is why I set myself 30 day goals. That is why I break my big picture yearly desires down into more manageable mountains. That is why I write each day.

To change not only my attitude but also my behavior.

Through accountability, through encouragement, through faith.

How about you?

On this 30 day heart, home and health journey have you changed just your attitude or are you making little but lasting changes to your behavior?

I believe in you…

Do you believe in yourself?



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