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Somedays I just feel like my house is insanely out of control.

Yet if I was really honest its not that bad.

The little overtake the large and chaos seems to prevail in my mind worse than reality.

Im the type who cannot start breakfast until last nights dishes are put away. Even though Im about to make a huge mess, I need a clean space to recreate anew.

Im the type that walks into our house and cannot relax until the washing machine is stirring, the toys are put away and the pictures are hung straight.

I have been known to go into a restaurant and be unable to eat because the artwork is appalling, the mirrors are crocked and the glasses are stained.

However, if I am in the midst of a creative outburst I can handle material and sewing machines adorning public spaces.

If I am painting, I don’t care if a little paint hits the floor.

If I am gardening near enough is good enough.

After 30 something years of getting to know myself, its order I long for, rather than meticulous cleanliness.

If my house seems ordered, then I can somewhat cope with the myriad of themes that are running simultaneously through my mind.


I long for systems.

I long for simplicity.

I long for keys that are always put in the same place.

I long for water that is refilled in the fridge when drunk.

I long for ice trays in the freezer full rather than empty.

I long for these little things to be looked after, so my mind can have dalliances with larger issues.

How about you?

There is nothing worse for me, than having twenty five cleaning goals in my mind and being unable to tick off anything to calm my inner OCD, to just chill out.

So I made a printable.

If you have a heap of jobs in your mind that you can’t relax until they are done.

Print me out.

Write them down.

Strike them off slowly.

Then grab a glass of wine and chill out!



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