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How little I know


It’s not until I find myself empty that I truly remember how weak I am.

It’s easy to make everyone think you have it all together, a photo here, a quote there, but to be honest and real but not attention seeking is a place where your heart is exposed and able to be healed.

I think sometimes we all just need to admit, we don’t have it all together.

Our world promotes success and motivation.

I desire authenticity and peace.

My heart can’t live in a realm that is constantly striving, but it erodes also in a place of apathy.

How can we maintain the balance of not striving yet not being lazy?

I think we need to admit daily that we don’t have it together, but increase the desire in our hearts to want more.

I am flawed
I am purposed

I think hearts that are pruned and watered in this way are the hearts that thrive.

Do you think to much of yourself?

Do you think to little of yourself?

Motivation to make a difference is found somewhere in the middle of these two.

When we all begin to think less of ourselves yet more of another, something begins to change in the atmosphere.

Is your heart sore?

Help another.

Are you frustrated and want more?

Think less

Do you want to change the world?

Get dirty

Random little musings today. It’s that type of day.



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