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Lazy much?


Why am I so lazy?

Cleaning around the house is my least favourite pastime ever.

I knew I had hit an all time low this week, when my husband was ironing his work shirts and he jokingly said ‘You just cut corners’.

Truthfully I do.

I don’t shift furniture to vacuum, I put the washing machine on the shortest cycle, I roll my eyes whilst walking the bins out, I’m lazy.

I only have a bottom sheet on our bed with a doona because I can’t be bothered making the bed with another sheet to tuck in.

I’m not sure how I got to be so bad at domesticity but I am.

I know how to do it, I just don’t like it.

I would rather crochet than sweep our beach laden floors, I would rather catch up on tv than hang the washing…I would rather.

So I’m thinking the whole lazy dilemma might need to be a few day journey.

Because I don’t think I have any quick answers.

Maybe sometimes lazy is okay, with a striving personality and a baby, maybe kicking back and resting isn’t all that bad sometimes.

Maybe lazy has its place.

It’s just how you go from lazy to motivated that might be tomorrows post.

For now a snooze is required and hopefully some intel on being lazy.




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