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Getting real


Tonight I’m at a campsite with a group of young adults and we are all going on
An adventure together.

Tonight our adventure is all about honesty.


Getting real

Sometimes in the realm of our health, we are not willing to truly confront the things that we know deep down we need to.

My grandfather died of skin cancer, a few years ago I had one cut out and it caused a lot of pain, cost a lot of money and ended up being a false alarm.

Since then I denied the need of getting a check up. I hated the thought of skin cancer, but I hated the thought of more surgery more.

Even a couple of suspect moles didn’t motivate me. I just ignore the problem and hoped it would go away.

I convinced myself my thoughts and secrets were just silly and I didn’t need to have that mole scan.

The crazy thing was though is the worry was eating away at my happiness.

I would have a shower and secretly fret as I saw another mole and thought the worst.

I was not honest with myself or anyone around me.

I was trapped.

Then one day this month I went and had the test. I faced up to the fear, the worry and it was over in less than an hour.

Nothing wrong.

Nothing suspect.

Years of worry and regret flicked away in a moment.

How stupid of me.

What secret worries consume you?

What do you think about when no ones asking?

What are you hiding about your health?

Confront it today.

Get real.

You will feel as free as a bird.

You can do it!



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