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Nothing like home


We just arrived home from a weekend away and I was so surprised at Max’s reaction to being home.

He was the happiest I saw him all weekend.

Don’t get me wrong he had a ball adventuring, but the minute we fed and changed him after we returned home his eyes lit up, his laugh got louder, his cries receded. He was in bliss.

Home is his place of bliss, he feels safe, he likes his own bed, he likes his own toys.

His bliss.

Is your home bliss?

It doesn’t need to be perfect, it doesn’t need to be clean all the time, but does it have it’s own bliss.

I believe we are all like Max. We like our pjs, we like our couch, we like our own bed, our favourite coffee mug. We have our own moments of bliss.

Or do you?

Everyone needs their bliss, everyone needs grounding, everyone needs a place to call home.

Nuture it. De-clutter it. Create it.

Your family and your own heart will thrive.

Love my home.



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