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Pantry pain


My pantry is one of my greatest downfalls. If it is stocked well, half my battle is won, if forbidden stock makes its way into its dark caverns, I’m done for.

I surrender so easily to a pack of grain waves. I surrender even quicker to a block of chocolate.

I surrender way to quickly.

Contraband becomes like an enticing spell that draws me into its clutches over and over.

Eat me.
Consume me.

Come on one won’t hurt.

It’s not a lot.

Just a little.

Then boom regret.

Why does contraband taste so sweet yet end so badly?

Why is a diet so easily discussed on Sunday evening yet so hard to follow on Monday mid morning?

It’s just easier sometimes to clean out your pantry and start fresh.

If its not in your house the battle is half over.

Lately I have been ordering my food online from Coles and woolworths. The delivery fee is quite small in comparison to the savings I make from shopping smarter.

But more than that, I am more inclined to skip the chocolate aisle online because I don’t have to pass it. Online I can plan my week, purchase it, then someone, somewhere gathers it and drops it into my lounge room, with no chance of impulse buying.

It’s a small thing that has made a massive difference to my pursuit of ore pregnancy jeans.

Out of sight out of mind.

It’s a good saying in the realm of our health and eating well.

Try it.

You might surprise yourself.

Clean out your food cupboard, fridge and begin afresh.



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