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Holding lighter


The older I get the quicker I am learning to hold onto my ideas, my loved ones, my past, my friends a little lighter.

When we hold on with a grip that is as strong as Tarzan, our companions can’t help but yell for help.

I am a passionate, engaged girl who loves to really make a contribution but sometimes I hold on too tight and try to strive my way through rather than sail.

I need to learn to let go.

I found this poem when doing some scanning for today’s post and the words are so poignant for where I am at.

One of my goals this spring is to let go.

Let go of the past.
Let go of people that don’t respect me
Let go of hurt from situations I can’t control.

To let go of unforgiveness.

To let go of bitterness.

To let go of unmet expectations.

It is not easy, but as this poem says

To let go is to not stop caring!

To let go is to not cut myself off.


I can just stop there…I don’t need to build up walls to let go, I don’t need to pull away and become bitter.

I just need to hold on looser.

Hold your friends, family, ideas, thoughts, expectations and the list goes on and on, a little lighter.



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