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My secrets…


If home is where the heart is and my home is made up of people that I love, protecting them above all else should be my mission.

I know life is unkind sometimes and accidents do happen and crazy stuff happens to the most amazing people.


We all have habits that put our families at risk. A glass of wine and driving, leaving hair straightens out after use, cords and cables exposed, dinner reheated after being in the fridge for too long.

The list goes on. Charl and I are in the process of baby proofing our house, but I have a habit that needs to be confessed and replaced with something new.

As soon as I put it out there, then repentance and humility follows bringing change.

I am embarrassed to admit that each time I stop at lights I pick up my phone and have a little play. A text here, a Facebook there, an instragram float, a twitter frolick.

Traffic lights annoy the living daylights out of me.

Waiting in traffic even annoys me more.

No excuses though, my cargo is too precious and distracted driving is one of the main causes of crashes.

So I need accountability.

Changing a bad habit never works if we shame ourselves into the change. Feelings of guilt and shame only hardwire the habit and make us more secretive and ashamed.

I believe the best way to form new habits is too replace them with good ones.

Struggle with chocolate at 9pm replace it with a herbal tea.

Struggle with snooze on your alarm (move your alarm away from your bedside table)

Struggle with gossiping about others replace it with encouraging others

My replacement is everytime I’m at a traffic light or am tempted to look at my phone I am going to pray for a specific list of friends.

I am also using spotify with new music to distract my phone use.

What bad habit do you have that needs to be replaced?

Mine is not great, but I’m making myself better thinking yours could possibly be worse!



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