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Well our 30 day journey of is nearly over. I don’t want the lessons that I have learnt to stay in September though, I want life change.

One of my goals was to let go. It’s not something that I have ever been good at but in this season of my life it seems very present.

I am wanting to live lighter.
I am wanting to expect less.
I am wanting to live present and in the future rather than stuck in the past.

How about you?

The emotional toll of letting go gets me every time in the arena of my health.

My mind becomes consumed, then I eat really badly and give up my pursuits of exercise. Emotions have more tolls on our health than we ever admit and finding ways to relax and reform bad habits in the health arena are necessary.

Our bodies hold stress physically. We think our emotions are in our soul and minds, but our bodies express these stresses externally also.

How is your emotional health at the moment?

What do you do to bring balance into this arena?

Do you sabotage diet efforts?

Do you give up exercise too easily?

Do you set goals but not stick to them?

Our emotional health is just as important as our physical one because I believe they are intrinsically linked.

You can’t be emotionally unhealthy and be physically on top of your game, we are whole people not compartments.

I don’t have any quick answers as I have struggled so deeply in this area, but I am hoping that our journey together has helped you somewhat find strength where there may be weakness.

I personally need to learn that food is not the answer to stress. I personally need to learn that exercise brings release not tiredness to my soul. I personally need to allow seasons to pass easier and live in the now.



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