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We set ourselves goals for spring cleaning our lives throughout the month of September and it is nearly finished.

There are some of my goals I have done really well, others I have just completely ignored.

Why would I put something on my piece of paper and ignore it?

Too many goals?

Heart not ready?




I believe there are many reasons why we don’t finish things that we start.

Even if I haven’t achieved all my goals, I’m still glad I had a go at smashing some of them.

Some people live lives surrounded by fear worried that they would fail.

Some people live lives embracing laziness and apathy never attempting anything.

Even though I haven’t completed all my goals, I had a go and am aiming to finish strong.

Podcasts, the gym, drinking water, cleaning out trunks…

I think success comes when we face a battle and step in too fight.

Satisfaction is not really in the final result, I believe it’s when we choose to fight another day.

If you haven’t completed what you began and feel disappointed, why not extend it through October?

Why not choose just one thing off your list and finish that strong?

Finish well.

I believe you can.

Let go of guilt and rejection and step forward into possibility.



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