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Fresh air


Today I drove out of the city to sit in the Forrest with my extended family who are camping.

Max and I are still unwell, so camping was out of the question but a dose of fresh air was absolutely what the doctor ordered.

Sometimes we are just to locked up in our own little worlds and houses and we all need a dash of the country.

There is something so wild about fresh air, it unlocks caverns of unfound inspiration.

Driving with the windows open, allow the Forrest air to refresh brings a dose of perspective and health to us all.

Are you feeling worn out and tired?

Drive away from the city and a sit in a Forrest.

Hippy much?

No, but today refreshed parts of my soul that I was unaware needed refreshing.

Just drive.

Pack a picnic.

Fill a thermos.

And sit



And inspire.



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