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So today is day 31, with a new month starting tomorrow. I had an amazing conversation with a wise lady in church last week and she said something that stuck with me.

She said I read your blog everyday Amanda, be encouraged there are many people who never comment, you wouldnt even know they are checking in but for me somedays it is even just one word that makes my day a little different.

So my 30 day challenge is a simple one.

Every day one word that inspires, encourages or challenges me.

Just one word can make a huge difference.

One word like


yes to a date, yes to a opportunity, yes to a challenge, yes to something you might have previously said no to, yes to a proposal, yes to a friend, yes to someone who asks something unusual, yes.

What should you say yes to today, that often the answer has been no.

Its often your yes that will take you out of a place of inbetween.

Feeling dislocated? displaced? dissuaded?

Say yes



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