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In this season of novice motherhood, letting go has been a major theme.

The one word that could change the shape of our everyday is;


Often we can hold so tight onto what was, that we cannot grip onto what could be?

What have you not let go of? What is stopping you from experiencing the new?

I am a passionate person and so I often feel very deeply about things. I also find it difficult to let go when the season has passed.

There is a part of my life that I have had to let go of and I have found it so difficult because I love it dearly.

However the season is over, my level of influence in it has passed and there is nothing I can do to change it.

I need to release it and the people involved. Not with bitterness, not with unforgiveness, I need to let go with grace.

That is what release is.

It’s like we’re holding a helium balloon outside that is moving in the wind, we try to control it, but it was never designed to be controlled, held tight or manipulated. It is set free when we release it.

If people don’t respect your values or hold you in high esteem, it’s okay release them. If an organization doesn’t treat you with respect or value your input it’s okay release it.

Life is too hard to try control others opinions or value of you.

We do need to let go sometimes.

Sometimes we need to release those things that hold us captive and make us heavy hearted.


Let it go.


Free yourself.



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  1. Lovely, I am constantly amazed at how motherhood redefines my priorities.

    Love this word a day thing … my word for today has been quiet. Maybe I will end up with one a day too, who knows.

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