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I honestly think technology has done us a disfavor.

We watch with baited breath for tragedy to unfold as storms like sandy taunt us.

We express ourselves online to someone, no one or everyone hoping for some interaction that results in someone liking my expression.

We tweet whilst hanging with our family, we Instagram private moments whilst running through the drive through hoping that our dinner would come just a little faster.

This year I have learnt that slow doesn’t mean boring.

That a walk instead of a run is not necessarily bad.

That ground hog day, with the simple things, like waiting for my yoghurt to firm, listening to music instead of television banter, watching my herbs grow intently is delightful.

Noticing the small birds that visit our fence daily, smiling at the poppies growing on my neighbors corner as I walk by, listening more intentionally as my family now starts to unload.


It’s used in a negative way in our speed obsessed society.

These days I am learning that a simpler, slower lifestyle does not equal unsuccessful.

Slow down dear friend.

This one word could change your life or maybe those who love you dearly!



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  1. love it … love it so much I was going to Facebook “like it” … then reread … Ha!

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