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Some days being humbled is the very best thing God can do for you.

You know those crying, snot falling out of your face days where you realise that you are not as good as you think you are.

Those days when someone says something that doesn’t just hurt, but it stops you in your tracks and makes you change irrevocably.


Imagine if the world thought about themselves less and others more.


It changed the course of human history when God became man and took our brokenness upon him.


Is realised when we care more about others than we do about our own self preservation.


What if our world leaders lived more humble lives?

The ego creates so many wars in homes and across the planet.

What if more teachers thought more about their students hearts than their results and reputations?


What part of your ego really inhibits you from mercy?

Our world is so arrogant.

This one word could truly change destiny’s.


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