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The path

There is a part of the nativity story that is never spoken about in any play, production or cartoon.

It’s the part when John, Jesus’ cousin is born.

The amazing part about this perspective of the Christmas story is that John was a part of Gods plan to lead the way.

Later in the story when Jesus comes of age, John makes a way in the desert and prepares people to see that the King is coming.

What amazes me most is the timing of Johns birth.

He made a way, even in his birth to prepare the earth for the most radical arrival ever.

It makes me think of his perspective of the Christmas story.

He just played his part.

He did what he was called to do.

He didn’t try to take over Jesus’ job, he just did what he was designed to do.

What are you designed to do?

Every one of us has a unique story. Everyone of us plays a part in someone else’s story.

What is your part?

Don’t try to live someone else’s. Just walk out your own.

The bible writes in Luke 1:80 of John

80 And the child grew and became strong in spirit and he lived in the wilderness until he appeared publicly to Israel.

This was when his hour came. His hour was when his job was to introduce Jesus to the world.


Have the courage to do what you were designed for.

Your unique signature.

Without John, the story would have ended very differently.




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