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The wise

Today I posted my 89 year old Granmas Christmas letter. It’s a tradition of around five years old.

Ever since she lost her eyesight, each Christmas we sit together and she tells me what she would like written to her friends and family about the year and I type it, print it and send it out.

Every year it always takes me by surprise how special this little ritual has become.

Each year as she asks me to strike off names from her postal list as she sadly tells me who of her friends has died in the past year since we wrote last.

Each year I walk away determined to spend more time with my Granma because of the stories she always brings out at moments like these.

The days I sit in wonder at her wisdom of years and how tenacious she is as she cooks her favorite biscuits for us each Christmas (although she is 95 per cent blind).


All mark the years of my Granma.

Although modern Christmas carols depict the wise men who walk to Jesus as kings, royalty.

Some scholars would disagree saying that Magi were the wise old men.

The elders who had the courage of years to know truly that something rare had happened.

Magi means priestly astrologers. They were men of significant education, who were spiritual star watchers.

The direct translation means the three wise men.

Late in their years, they had seen a lot come and go, especially many so called prophets and people claim to be the Saviour

What was it that changed their mind this time?

What was it that made them travel mile after mile, desert after desert to give extravagantly to a baby in a manger.

I believe it was wisdom. A knowing that this was the right time.

I am often baffled when people are afraid to tell people their age, or people are ashamed of a new decade in their years.

I find those who celebrate their age and learn the lessons of their years, are often the ones who are immersed in wisdom.

Love the age you are.

Revel in it.

Seek and gain wisdom at all costs.

So you may discern between the false teachings of the day and the truth that lasts into eternity.


Are you seeking knowledge or are you learning the lessons of your years and gaining wisdom.

The three wise men, were so much more than a fable. History shows that these men did travel from the east and visit the town of Bethlehem.

Who is in their twilight years that you can gain wisdom from?



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