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The man who said yes

In every story, every chapter and turn happens because someone says yes.

A marriage proposal, stems from an answer to a question.

A new job opportunity begins with one word. Yes.

A new house, a new family, a new season, all begin because someone at some point said yes.

The innkeeper in the amazing narrative of Jesus, Mary and Josephs story said yes.

Although many said no, he said yes.

It wasn’t a simple and easy yes, he had to rearrange things, allow people to stay in his stable, it was a hesitant yes.

Despite this hesitancy he still offered his barn for this baby to be born and the rest is history.

We never know what is at the other side of our yes moments.

Saying yes to a opportunity often means that we are put out, that we are taking a risk.

Imagine being able to write in your family history chronicles.

Birth: Jesus Christ Saviour of the world, in my barn.


You never know what paths your yes’ today will lead you down for tomorrow.

Say yes more and no less often.

I don’t mind if I get called a yes man, at least I can tell my grandchildren I was willing to have a go.

You never know the history that my yes may embark on.



1 thought on “The man who said yes

  1. Love this Amanda,

    I have been challenged with this for my girls recently. I am trying to only say no when there really is a good reason, I don’t want to be a mum that always says no.

    It’s taking a while but I definitely think it’ll be worth it.

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