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The child

Nothing could have prepared me for the complexity of emotions attached with child birth and rearing.

Years upon years I have dreamed about being ‘father christmas’ at midnight on ‘the eve’, I have imagined motherhood to be all roses, cuddles and giggles.

But then reality sets in. Teething, sickness, late nights of trying to get him back to sleep, eating poo episodes, do I go on?

It is so funny yet completely baffling that motherhood is nothing like I expected. It’s amazing but not in the way I imagined.

When I held my son for the first time, it wasn’t all tears and romance, I was literally in shock from the overwhelming vulnerability of it all.

It was vulnerable.

It was chaotic.

It was extreme.

Just like the birth of the Son of God, who was destined to change the course of history forever.

The son of Man who accepted our frailty and existed in poverty.

The chaos of humanity, mixed with the beauty of his holiness.


That’s motherhood.

That’s life.

This child represented the fullness of God yet the fullness of humankind.

This child, lowly in a manger, brought life to many and was destined to take the weight of humanity on his shoulders.

But that story is for another season, today is all about the child.

The child in a manger

The child in a stable

The child in Bethlehem

The child who altered history irrevocably.

Just a little child, with the potency to bring peace on earth.

Merry Christmas friends, thanks for walking the journey with me.

I hope it’s helped your advent season be full of more meaning.




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