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Preparing for change

Christmas is barely over and my mind is straight away contemplating 2013.

I have had an amazing year of so many ups and downs, yet I am ready to make some changes to bring out my best for the new year.

Every year I have one moleskin journal that I reflect in about the year gone by.

Simple questions.
Simple reflection.

I have already decided I need time out from social media. I need to find a way to limit my time online because I have heaps of time alone with Max, it’s easy to live vicariously through the online world.

I also really want to get serious about shifting my baby weight, I’ve been exercising but really hit and miss with my eating.

They are the beginning of my reflections.

I believe change can’t occur quickly, we need to prepare for change.

One of the main reasons people fail their resolutions is that don’t prepare themselves for the change.

Writing all the reasons why if they don’t change the impact it will have. Preparing their house and family to support them in the changes. To make decisions that are achievable and easily maintained.

That is just the beginning of preparation
for change.

It’s our emotions that require the most preparation so we don’t sabotage ourselves.

Preparing over the next week.

7 days of preparation!

I am preparing for change.



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