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We had an idea.

My husband, a very new friend and I.

It’s simple.

But also a little complicated.

It might work.

It might not.

But were having a go anyway.

Watch this video to find out more.

Why don’t you get involved. Hold up your Iphone/Skype Cam/Andriod something and lets have a go together. Tell us your story. Not where you were born and such. Just tell us what inspires you, tell us something that happened, tell us a secret dream or ambition.








Have a go! Go on. We dare you.


Send you short video vignettes to and she will edit them a little and put them online.

2 thoughts on “#thecaptureproject

  1. I love that you’re selling your books on here & that I can have one with all the different covers!! Excitement!! AND, that you have finished your next book! You are AMAAZING!!! xxxxxx

    1. I screamed a little when I got your order. It was so exciting. How is Albany. I want to hear all about it!!

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