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Megan’s story #thecaptureproject

MeganMeet my friend Megan.

We have never spent more than a week together. She lives in Adelaide, I live in Perth.

One crazy week we meet in a cafe in Bali and the rest is history.

She has braved the elements and shared her story. She has completely undone me. I promise you will not come away from this video the same. Megan your story is amazing and you are a woman of strength.

The capture project.

‘Our lives are a collection of stories. Truths about who we are, what we believe, what we came from, how we struggle and how we are strong. When we can let go of what people think and own our story, we gain access to our worthiness- the feeling that we are enough just as we are, and that we are worthy of love and belonging.’ Dr Brene Brown.

It has officially begun.

All my love,

Be brave.

5 thoughts on “Megan’s story #thecaptureproject

  1. Wow! Inspiring! Thank you for sharing x

  2. I know Claire, how brave hey. Thanks for logging on.

    Not long now my friend.

    how exciting.


  3. Wow! This took my breath away. Your confidence is inspiring Megan – thanks for sharing x

  4. Thanks for being brave and honest Megan. You are an inspiration. Xx


    Thank you Megan so much for sharing your story. It was exactly what I needed to hear RIGHT NOW!! You a one brave and beautiful mumma and wife.


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