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the craft of creativity

There is a craft to being creative.

Not the terrible images of crazy craft classes in the back of the YMCA that you are imagining. I mean there is a skill to living a more creative life.

I am often classified as the loopy creative and pushed aside at the beginning of a dinner party and categorised as fruity.

Despite this prejudice, I believe everyone can be creative. It’s not just the creative crazy cats who walk around dressed in top to toe op shop clothes, you are creative. Every part of your being is founded in creative inspiration. There is something only you can bring to this earth. It’s as unique as your thumbprint, your DNA, your essence.

I am bold enough to believe that we have been made in the image of a Creator and we reflect his creativity.

What I have found however, is some people create a scaffolding across their week that enables the craft of creativity and others don’t.

I am working on a workshop at the moment called this ‘The craft of creativity’ that I am doing this creative workshop with a whole group of radio presenters for a radio station here in Perth and I am sure that some of them will classify themselves as creative and others not.

I have been studying an Australian bird as a part of this workshop. This bird is the ‘Bowerbird’. Here is a classic David Attenborough clip about this bird.

The Bower bird is a collector. The master builder of the animal kingdom.

The bower bird collects and collects and builds a master piece with their nest and lives within this creative inspiration.


What does your week look like?

Do you have a scaffold to your week that creates a space of creative inspiration?

Are you a collector?

A collector of moments, of things, of images, of quotes, of inspirations, of stories, of beautiful memories.

Thats why I love pinterest so much.

It enables me to categorise my moments, of web inspirations into boards of pleasure that inspire me at a later date.

My question is creative pilgrims, how are you creating a scaffold across your week to collect and categorise your creative musings?

If you learn the curious art of creative pilgrimage and also find a way to store these collections you are well on your way to being a master at the craft of creativity.

Till we meet again


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focus in difficulty

It is week 3 of the 10 week challenge and I have hit a phase where it is a little difficult. In the video blog below, I am discussing the challenge of change and the phase that I am currently struggling with.



If you would like to be a part of the capture project and would like to know more about it, watch this link below.



Signing off for today.

If you are feeling challenged, keep going.

Change is just around the corner.


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sky simone’s story #thecaptureproject


Hello Everyone,

This project has been so inspiring. Today’s story is from Sky Simone. She is a photographer and she has opened up about a story she encountered with a homeless person. It helped show me a new perspective when we consider those who find themselves without a permanent address.

This photo above is of Sky with Jon in Las Vegas. Jon is the homeless guy she meets in this story.


How about you?

What has inspired you?

Who has inspired you?

What is your story to tell?

Adventure is awaiting discovery.


Speak soon


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Bethany’s story #thecaptureproject


Meet my friend Beth. She would say we met in a toilet one time, but I noticed her even before we met there. We were at an event, she walked across the foyer and I smiled knowing that we would both change each others lives.

And that we have.

She is one of the most amazing writers I have ever read and I cannot wait to read the next part of her story.

To get her story into a few minutes has not been easy, but this is just the beginning.

Beth, I think you are absolutely stunning. I feel that it is a privilege that you have shared your story with me over many coffees and long walks.

Now others have the benefit of listening to your courage and reading them on your blog

Stay tuned.

This young thing is going to change the world!

All my love


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Jodie’s story #thecaptureproject


Hello Everyone,

I am so humbled and blown away by the courage of the people sending in their stories. Today’s story is one of a very new friend. A fellow writer and someone who I admire greatly.

It has taken a lot of courage for her to get behind the camera, as she is much more adept at writing and publishing.

So let me introduce you to Jodie.

If you want to be a part of this project send your video to or drop box to the same address.

I am enjoying this journey so much and am be encouraged daily.

How about you?

Share the love if you want too.