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Broaden your horizons

lebanonEvery time I travel, I feel like my brain, imagination and heart are enlarged.

I know it is an extreme privilege that I get to travel, one that is not afforded to many many people in the world.

Yet I often meet people who have to capacity to travel to distant lands, yet do not.

Sometimes it’s fear, others it’s comfort, for some it’s laziness and others they just plain need to let go of their need to control.

Exploration is not a means tested reality anymore. With the internet and its amazing capacity to show us every part of our continent we can travel also from our own lounge room. The key to partaking is a willingness to be curious.

A few years ago now I travelled to Lebanon. I stayed in a small village on the border of Israel and Syria and it was one of the most awakening experiences of my life. It is a part of the world that not many people have the privilege to travel to and the family I stayed with are so special.

This morning whilst wandering through social media one of my good friends posted this and memories started flowing.

Every new experience that we encounter, creates memories and opportunities for our imagination to draw upon at a later date. Our minds are like massive visual libraries, full of rows and rows of memories, experiences, encounters and feelings.

Allowing ourselves to be ever curious is one of the greatest tools of an innovative soul.

Are you curious?

Do you explore?

Do you jump at the opportunity for a new adventure?

If not, the unlimited potential of your imagination has less to draw from.

Have a great day


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