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do what you love!

do what you loveOne of the greatest awakenings I have had since I stopped working, was how much of my life I lived Adrenaline addicted.

My stress levels in my previous job were off the chain and maybe parts of that were the job, others the culture, others addiction to peoples approval and more. I have loved exploring life and my self perception in these last eighteen months of unemployment and I have been rediscovering what I truly love.

I realise many people don’t have the liberty of doing this and working just to cover the bills and mortgage is a necessity but imagine if we all had less stuff and did more of what we loved.

What is it that you love?

What is it that you dream of doing?

Imagine that.

Yes imagine it.

Life is so much more than about things. If you stopped buying and started thinking, if you stopped consuming and started reflecting, if you started engaging rather than viewing…

Imagine what your everyday could be.

Let go of what others think and start to live what you do.

Do what you love.



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