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It’s a noun.

It’s the shortest english word with all five main vowels.

Its greek definition is;

A well mind or commonly translated as ‘Beautiful thinking’.

There have been many days in my past where my mind could not be described with the word eunioa.

Worry, jealousy, bitterness and regret have plagued me and therefore my imaginations for a better day have been seriously impacted.

We often struggled to dream of better days for the future because our minds are not subject to beautiful thinking.

Ways that I have learnt to change the things I dwell to much upon.

1) Stop myself.
2) Fill my mind with thoughts about productive things.
3) Write down my thoughts and try to find perspective.
4) Talk over thoughts that bombard me with a friend or counsellor to seek perspective.
5) Find a one sentence scripture or thought that is life giving and think on that over and over.

These are just a few short opportunities of how we can rearrange our thinking but one of the main ones I have found, is reteaching my mind with good new thoughts.

Most eastern religions would tell us to empty our minds.

I don’t know about you, but no matter how much I meditate, unless I’m meditating on something worthwhile I fail. The very thing I am trying not to think about comes back and hounds me down. Each time I have tried to empty my mind it is full with other thoughts. I think our brain was disigned to think about good things, not nothing.

My son is a perfect example, as he learns more about the world around him, if I tell him he cant do something, it is a perfect storm where he wants it more than ever. As a mum the only way I can draw him to good and safe things to play with is by distracting him. If I just tell him no. He wants what is bad for him more and more.

We are the same. Our minds were designed to be consumed with something.

The question is, are our imaginations profitable or devastating.

Till we meet again.


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