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Your pack

wolf-lane bar


Everyone longs to run with a pack.

We were created to do life as a community.

Wolves run in packs and so do healthy creatives.

You were not designed to do life alone.

Who is in your pack?

I spent the weekend tucked up inside a chapel.

One which took my breath away.

My husband and I looked at each and every hand made brick, we searched and thought about the massive rafters and we talked endlessly about who made this chapel.

This last weekend it was full of young adults. It created a sacred space for them to meet with God.

We wondered what the people who made the building would have thought if they found themselves transported forward to these precious moments?

The men and women who made the chapel, left a beautiful impression on a generation that is very quick to move into the now, the present, the plastic, the consumable.

This chapel at Fairbridge seriously amazing.


My husband and I could not work out, how possibly in the early 1900’s how they could have lifted the rafters and built this monster of a building without the machines we have today.

The answer is a pack.

A pack of men, banded together and created something overwhelming to the Glory of God.

What are you creating, that future generations will stand in awe of what you have built together?

What are you sacrificing today, so that tomorrow someone can live inspired?

Who are you doing it with?

If you live in Perth, a creative pack is gathering.

We are holding our first SPARC gathering in Perth.

Monday November 18

Wolf Lane Bar

Wolf Lane Perth

6.30 gathering for 7pm sharp start.

tickets will be available here soon:

Artist: Anna O

Speaker: Johann Kim

Come and gather with us.

Bring your pack

Lets do something together than future generations will be inspired to live larger.


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