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her dreams; every night.

Kat Wilson

With a splash of red and a hint of sass, I’ve watched this beauty pursue her dreams one day at a time over the last few years. One of the greatest privileges of this season is watching young creatives live out their dreams, laying in the grass musing, walking on our beach with them and listening hard to their dreams.

My friend, Kat Wilson has arrived at the business end of a project that has been in her heart for years. Rocking up to pub after pub, cafe after cafe and random friends backyard parties, she has packed and unpacked her instruments, day in day out, in pursuit of seeing her dream become a reality. With a gang of brilliant musicians and a bag full of blues rhythms that will make even the hardest heart smile, this Friday night her dream is scheduled to take flight.

A little gathering of songs, makes me reminiscent of my favourite sounds like John Mayer, Brooke Fraser, City and Colour and Corinne Bailey Rae. I can hear my favourite blues and roots hero’s shouting “This is soooooo good” in the corridors of music legend. Joe Harris, from Tone Deaf said this…

“The vocal haunts of Kat can be likened to taking a plunge into a wintery sea: bone-chilling but utterly refreshing.” 

She is sublime and her new EP “Everynight” is brilliant. 

Like I have not stopped playing it in my car since it arrived in my hands and it is sure to hit my creative muse repeat list. Have a sneaky listen here from Triple J Unearthed of her lead track EVERYNIGHT

The greatest part about being in a community of creative people who are pursuing their dreams, is when one of us wins, we all win. Celebrating, supporting, gathering and encouraging another’s dreams brings life and love.

So this Friday night, buy a ticket here, grab your gang, find directions to THE BOSTON, remember no thongs or steel capped boots ha, ha and start this weekend in style.

I know you won’t regret it.

Together let’s support creative dreams becoming a reality and if you’re not in Perth. Jump on I-tunes on Friday search Kat Wilson and download the EP, you will love it.


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get off your computer


The whole reason why I am involved in SPARC is because we all need community.

Over the next two weeks, creatives across Australia will be gathering in bars and cafes, together cultivating community.

We all need a place to belong.

We all need each other.

Creatives need introverted time to express, explore and create but we also need random encounters of the creative kind to inspire us onwards.

This week a new blog was launched IZRA from our little town in Perth. Everything about this website completely inspired me. A website for young people, made by young people, creating a positive voice in a land of so much negativity.

I quickly wrote on the founders Facebook page how much I loved the design, the concept and the execution.

She excitedly wrote back ‘Oh and Amanda, I actually met our designer Mylan at Sparc last year- so thanks for putting on the event!!’

That is exactly what events like Sparc are all about.

How are you networking?

Are you cultivating creative community?

I saw a very quick Tweet last night about this: A short film competition purposed to highlight social justice and issues and make change. #thismattersproject

this matters

Maybe there is someone that you could collaborate with for this competition, that you need to meet at Sparc. Book a ticket here now.

Our guest band at the Perth gathering night is Kat Wilson, they recently played live on radio promoting our next event.

Click this photo and have a listen.

kat wilson

Another fantastic artist, who I have worked in Bangkok, Thailand with, Nate from the end stop will be our guest at our SPARC Perth Gathering. He is a graffiti artist, a mean hip hop street dancer, who is going to be painting live on the night. Together we ran creative arts workshops in a slum in Thailand and taught gangsta kids how to use their graffiti to make something to bring change into their worlds.


So, come and find creative community together.


You never know what is on the other side of that cup of coffee, that glass of wine, that piece of pizza or that quiet and humble hello.

Come hang.


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Anna O


Emerging performer, Anna O, is an Indie-Pop artist hailing from Perth, Western Australia. Self-described as the “redhead lovechild of Jessie Ware and Daughter”, she been furiously cooking up big beats, vocal hooks, and raw emotion in studio for her debut EP, ‘When The Winter Came.” With her band of sidekicks in tow, her tunes are attracting interest from discerning industry gatekeepers, tastemakers, promoters, and film-makers alike.‘When The Winter Came’, is set to drop in Feb 2014
She is performing with her band at our first SPARC GATHERING buy tickets today.
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Your pack

wolf-lane bar


Everyone longs to run with a pack.

We were created to do life as a community.

Wolves run in packs and so do healthy creatives.

You were not designed to do life alone.

Who is in your pack?

I spent the weekend tucked up inside a chapel.

One which took my breath away.

My husband and I looked at each and every hand made brick, we searched and thought about the massive rafters and we talked endlessly about who made this chapel.

This last weekend it was full of young adults. It created a sacred space for them to meet with God.

We wondered what the people who made the building would have thought if they found themselves transported forward to these precious moments?

The men and women who made the chapel, left a beautiful impression on a generation that is very quick to move into the now, the present, the plastic, the consumable.

This chapel at Fairbridge seriously amazing.


My husband and I could not work out, how possibly in the early 1900’s how they could have lifted the rafters and built this monster of a building without the machines we have today.

The answer is a pack.

A pack of men, banded together and created something overwhelming to the Glory of God.

What are you creating, that future generations will stand in awe of what you have built together?

What are you sacrificing today, so that tomorrow someone can live inspired?

Who are you doing it with?

If you live in Perth, a creative pack is gathering.

We are holding our first SPARC gathering in Perth.

Monday November 18

Wolf Lane Bar

Wolf Lane Perth

6.30 gathering for 7pm sharp start.

tickets will be available here soon:

Artist: Anna O

Speaker: Johann Kim

Come and gather with us.

Bring your pack

Lets do something together than future generations will be inspired to live larger.