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Homemade gifts


A super simple home made gift but one with lots of love and thought.

If you’d like to whip up some snuggly winter love this christmas for your loved girl friends, this gift is for you. If you want some more information on crochet go back to my former crochet post.

A tea hugger

Size 4-5 crochet hook

1 ball of cotton wool. (this one here was moda vera Jalap)

3 x buttons

one big mug

I did 12 chain stitches to begin the row. (this will depend on how big the mug is that you would like to create a hugger for)

Then I half double crocheted into the second row.

Then I chained two at the end of the row.

I repeated this sequence until it is long enough to wrap the mug I want to hug.

It really depends on your tension and the size of the mug. Although the photo doesn’t show it, these mugs are super tall. (very latte)

Then for one of them I chained 5 and then I single crocheted 3 (into the 4th stitch etc) and then I chained 5 and then I single crocheted 3 and then chained 5 and then single crocheted till the end.

This made little loops that bigger buttons can fit over.

The smaller buttons I just sewed on and then put them through.

Love it.

Standby I am going to publish a downloadable book before christmas full of 30 home made christmas gifts.

30 merry days

Signing off.




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