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Christmas Chocolate Bombe

christmas bombe

Photo and Part recipe from Jamie Oliver

Every Christmas I have made this Chocolate Christmas Bombe.

It is so good and so much fun to make.

1 litre good-quality vanilla ice cream

1 kg panettone

3 heaped tablespoons raspberry jam

25 g shelled pistachios

75 g tinned sour cherries, drained

40 g glacé glacé fruit, thinly sliced

200 g good-quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), bashed up or white chocolate (I prefer white)

Get your ice cream out of the freezer so it can soften a little while you get things ready. Line a 2 litre pudding bowl with 3 layers of cling wrap. Use a serrated knife to slice four 2cm thick rounds off of your panettone then cut them in half. You’ll have some panettone left over, so keep this for another time. Arrange six of the slices in a single layer around the bowl and push them down if they overlap. Drizzle some Rum around the sponge so it soaks in (if you want it to have a alcoholic touch, I don’t because of the kids), then use the back of a spoon to smear the jam over the sponge.

Add half of the ice cream to the bowl and use the spoon to spread it around in a thick layer. Sprinkle in the pistachios, cherries and glacé fruit. Add the rest of the ice cream. Spread it out, working quickly so the ice cream doesn’t completely melt. Put the rest of the panettone slices on top of the ice cream, then cover the bowl tightly with cling film. Press a plate down on top to press everything down, then freeze overnight, or longer.

When you’re ready to serve it, put the bashed-up chocolate in a bowl and get that over a pan of simmering water on a really low heat. Leave the chocolate to melt while you unwrap your amazing winter bombe and carefully turn it onto a beautiful serving dish. Add a few gratings of orange zest to the chocolate and when it’s nicely melted, pour it over the top so it oozes down the sides and looks delicious. Decorate with christmassy love. I put a jaffa lolly and two mint leaves on top.

For the more visual amongst you…


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