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Just a touch of magic


For a long time, before I had my little man Maximus, I was a creative director and event manager involved in many large scale productions. Ever since I can remember I have always been a part of communities putting together shows. I fondly remember my first audition when I was five years old for ‘The Sound of Music’ and I got one of the lead parts in that show.

The lure of the stage, the smell of the lights as they burn off the dust when first charged, the costumes and the camaraderie of local theatre marked me.

I think that is why even a hint of Christmas carols in December, makes me sparkle.

I am slightly confused when I read a status update criticising the heralding of Christmas carols in the shopping centres, I countdown the days until I can get my record player out and my Christmas collection of vinyls.

There is a magic about it.

There is something nostalgic and exciting about people gathering together, lighting candles and heralding in the season.

Every Christmas eve as I watch my friends at the Myer Music Bowl, singing my old time favourites, I am far from rolling my eyes, often my I am crying with joy.

My heart leaps.

The lights, the candles, the people, the memories of friends who have been lost.

It is truly magical.

‘And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’

Ronald Dahl

It is childlike.

It is sublime.

If you are preparing and organising an event this Christmas, don’t lose the magic.

That atmosphere of mystery and poise.

Don’t let all your secrets out, over promising and under delivering.

Allow the simple beauty of moments to ring.

Allow your teams and your volunteers the time and the space to enjoy the magic of the moment.

Don’t stuff your calendars so full, that you are drawn to a place of stress and cynicism.

Take the time to prepare well, communicate clearly and then sit back and watch the moment unfold.

Events and productions that are disorganised and over zealous in their attempts often end up making the whole crowd feel insecure and awkward.

Do the simple things well and make sure everyone knows the details and the plan.

Then let the magic happen.

If you need some more Christmas inspiration download my Christmas Ebook ‘Capture: 30 merry days, a creative guide to christmas kindness’

Can’t wait to carol with you this year



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