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even though it tarries

Do you feel frustrated at your journey?

Are you over waiting?

Are you sick of the in between place?

the journey

Well you are not alone.

Today one of my bestie’s and I snuck away to the movies quietly in the middle of the day whilst I was in between conducting interviews and she was on the way to work to go live on radio.

We had previously sneakily made a plan, because there was a movie we both wanted to watch that no one else in our sphere wanted too.

We were so excited about our plan that we thought we might make a secret movie club on the last friday of each month in the middle of the day as it feels so naughty.

Back to the movie.

It was ‘The Hobbit’.

I have heard such mixed reviews about this movie, but I was savouring the epic-ness of the journey in this film. As I was recently surrounded by hype in New Zealand when it premiered, I have been surprised to hear people bag it here in Australia.

Most of the comments have been ‘It’s just too long.’, ‘They just walk and walk and don’t seem to get anywhere.’, ‘Like how long can you watch a group of people go on a journey!’ or ‘Boring!’.

Today as I watched the film, I was spell bound. Like literally on the edge of my seat, my friend Sara, shouting out loudly in parts, enthralled.

We loved the journey.

We loved its epic genre.

I think some of the feedback shows the age we have been born into. The age of fast, quick, consumerism, over night reality stars made famous culture.

We want stories and journeys to move quickly and at our fast pace, as we munch popcorn and check our phone five (or fifty) times throughout the movie.

We are the ones who have become boring. We are bored so easily and I think the discipline of a slow, unfolding, all encompassing journey is to be savoured.

I think this is why we get bored with our own stories.

I believe we become frustrated when our dreams are slow to tally.

I think we are tricked into believing times of hiddenness or slow development mean that God is missing in action.

I believe God savours the slow moments. I believe he delights in the hidden seasons, because they are times of growth and development.

If you feel frustrated because the dream tarries, then take time to count the growth and the opportunities that avail. If you haven’t done my reflection pages, then maybe this might help you gain perspective.

I love this quote from Saint Teresa of Avila

journey 1(#inspire14 : I am doing a visual diary entry for every day of 2014, if you want to choose to do something everyday this year and join me, use the hastag #inspire14)

The feeling remains dear friend that God is on the journey with you.

Even if you don’t feel or know that he is present.

He is.

Trust me.

Or don’t, that’s cool, look for him in the small details.

I think you will find his smile.

He shines in the hidden place.

Love 2014



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  1. Love this amps <3

    1. Hope your new years resolutions are going well.

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