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Make beautiful things


The last two nights my husband has been on nightshift so I have had plenty of time to myself.

A bit of crochet, a bit of reading, a bit of Downton Abbey, okay a lot of Downton Abbey!

One of my dear friends is about to give birth to a little baby girl, so I made some little bits for her.

The funny thing about creativity is it is so satisfying. I know its a gift for someone else, but I feel like I’m the one that has been given the gift. As the little precious things begin to appear out of a ball of wool, my heart sighs.

Crochet may not be your thing.

In fact I would pretty much guarentee it.

But what is your thing?

What is it that you were designed to make?

I believe everyone feels the most satisfied when they are producing what they were designed to make.

You all have a make button.


Some days we just need to find that button and then keep practising and get better at it.

Do you like to draw?

Then draw.

Get great at it.

Do you like to cook?

Then bake.

Get brilliant at hospitality.

Do you like to write?

Then write and keep on writing.

Find your make button.

We all have one.



1 thought on “Make beautiful things

  1. I think fear stops me. Fear of failing. Fear it won’t work out. But I know I miss out so much not giving it a go. Loving your encouragement and inspiration for 2014. When I’m feeling better the sewing machine is coming out.

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