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freshen up

freshYesterday I could have pulled the covers over my face and stayed in bed all day. Last night was one of our closest friends birthday parties and it took every ounce of energy I had in me, to get dressed and go out last night. Once I was there though, I had the most fabulous evening, with old friends and new ones.

This morning I woke up bright, fresh and was up and out of bed ready to go to the beach and take on the world. Team V, went to the beach early this morning and stayed there for hours looking at pelicans, people fishing, building sand castles and getting a little sun kissed.

What changed between yesterday and today?


No major conflict, no difficulties, no trauma.

Some days I just struggle to get out of bed and get motivated and others I don’t.

How about you?

The only difference I can find, is no matter how I wake up, if I get out and get moving and start creating, no matter how the day starts, it always finishes differently.

If I force myself to do the things I don’t want to, it has a significant ongoing effect on the next day as well.

Fresh perspective always comes.

If I walk the beach, if I eat and drink good food, if I spend time with inspiring and caring people, my perspective shifts and I freshen up.

If I read, meditate, quieten myself, fresh perspective rises.

What do you need to do differently today to create a shift in the current season you find yourself stuck in?

How can you bring simple changes, to bring a radical shift in perspective?

How can you freshen up?


(#inspire14 here is my visual journal entry from today. )

Happy 2014 everyone.

It’s looking like a great one.