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Your banner


We all have a banner over our life that declares who we are without even speaking.

One of my favorite parts of my reflection pages is the section that I ask myself;

What is my personal character?

What is my personal culture?

Who is my community?

What is my personal contribution?

Everyone one of these questions forms the banner over our lives.

I spent today with a very old friend, someone who inspires me every time we hang out.

She is creative, she is successful, but mostly the banner over her life is generosity, peace and love.

She is someone who impacts people around her just by being.

She made me something special today.

She whispered to me as she handed over my new gift, you are everything this banner declares.

Oh my.

What a special gift.

What an opportunity for me to believe this banner even on the days that I feel far from it’s inspiration.

What is the banner that your life speaks?

I hope mine is what this banner declares.

I hope to live this new year inspired by it.


All my creative love



4 thoughts on “Your banner

  1. I agree with all you said about Rach – love being around her!!! So inspiring. Love how our lives crossed paths for the second time three years ago!! Beautiful both inside and out. Loving your blog Amanda. Inspiring.

    1. She is inspiring indeed.

  2. Oh you truly are all that…and more my treasured friend! Doing life with you is an honour. I so love how we inspire and encourage eachother, you are certainly good for my soul, definitely a keeper:) And Chels, you are lovely! What blessing to have our paths cross again after all those years, it still blows me away. I am so very thankful for you, for you both! Xxx

    1. Lovely Rach.

      Dreaming dreaming of down south life.

      Ha Ha!

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