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woundedThere is something about being wounded, it changes the way you live.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes the worse, but always different.

I was chatting with Charl (my Mr) the other night about brokenness and he told me something I had never heard before.

He said ‘When you break a bone babe, everyone thinks that breaking it is really bad and that your limb becomes weaker because of it. However it is the opposite that happens. When your arm has been broken, in the midst of rebuilding the break, the arm actually in the long run becomes stronger. The break makes the bone stronger’

I was intrigued listening to him speak.

It is like we always try to protect ourselves from being hurt, broken or wounded.

You know in like our friendships. If I don’t make myself vulnerable I won’t get hurt.

Or how about admitting there are wounds in your marriage, it actually has the potential to make your union stronger rather than weaker, because you grow together in the communication of fixing it.

I don’t think we should go out and get wounded on purpose.

The potential is however when we have been wounded, if we recover healthily, with resilience, with courage, with communication, with counsel, we have the capacity emotionally to be stronger in the end.

I love this little quote from Rumi.

In my life I have found this to be true, it is only through my wounds, that I can allow the light to come in.

If we have it all together, if we are perfect in every way, how possibly can we draw strength from another?

How possibly can we grow and change?

How possibly can we become wise and able?

Brokenness is not that bad my friend.

You don’t go out deliberately wanting to be wounded, but what if you responded from your places of hurt to find ways to grow and change, rather than shrink and become weaker?

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  1. Woah – powerful blog!! Love this one. Food for deep within the soul. Thank you Amanda

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