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A field of possible

20140117-130525.jpgToday I have signed up for an E-course online with one of my favourite Authors Brene Brown.

The course is called the gift of imperfection.

I have the book that I am reading on my kindle at the moment and I am so excited about this 6 week course, to be challenged, stretched and discover new possibilities.

The main premise that this book covers is our societies incessant need to be perfect and also to please other people.

I had a chat with a friend yesterday about the deceptive nature of online forums such as Instagram.

People make their lives look how they want to. In essence there are lots of lies and self promotion.

Instagram is a perfect presentation of an imperfect world.

Often spending too much time on forums such as these does either two things.

1) People present their world as perfect and unattainable and therefore isolate themselves from the reality of everyday messy life.

2) People watch what happens in others instagram feeds and then stop creating for themselves, because their lives are imperfect and their feeds cannot match others.

I say stuff everyone!

Let’s enjoy our worlds for what they are imperfect.

Full of imperfect people.

Imperfect lives.

Imperfect creations.

I love this quote:

Somewhere between right doing and wrong doing there is a field, let’s meet there.

It’s not about aiming for perfection or imperfection, it is resting in the place of reality.




4 thoughts on “A field of possible

  1. Exactly! There’s a certain perfection in authenticity.

    1. You are brilliant Elaine.

  2. Love that quote! Great post.

  3. Love this!

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